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Papercut City (Cropacature LLC) was founded by the Guempels in September of 2012.  Our love of travel and architecture led us to come up with the idea of doing paper cutouts of our favorite cities.  This hobby turned into something more when the idea took off on our Etsy store that Christmas.  We continue adding more cites, many of which are custom ordered by our amazing customers.  


A paper cut city is a unique way to display and remember the city where you proposed, were married, born, grew up, or your favorite vacation spot and any other memorable moments.  These places stay in our hearts like the memories we made there.  Move around a lot?  Collect one for every city you have lived in, and fill a wall or your shelves.  These artworks with detailed cuts and a modern simple aesthetic are sure to spark conversation with your guests. 


If you have any questions, please contact Matthew at:

or via social media